Benefits of Hiring a Business Plan Writer

Benefits of Hiring a Business Plan Writer

We produce high-quality business plans

The business plans we produce help entrepreneurs fund their dreams. 

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We love what we do and are proud of our work. What follows is our humble, biased, and honest opinion about the benefits of hiring a business plan writer (we hope to earn your trust and allow us to do your business plan).

Here goes.

Hiring a business plan writer is a big decision. Trusting someone with your business idea is like trusting someone to hold your newborn baby.  A start-up idea is fragile, and you don’t want just anyone handling this responsibility.

Like a newborn, a business plan takes time and effort to nurture and grow. It requires thinking through critical components that will shape the future of your business. Therein lies the benefit of hiring a business plan writer.

Here are six benefits of hiring a business plan writer:

1. It saves you time and helps you meet your deadlines

As an entrepreneur, your time is precious. Every minute you spend on a particular task, you are at the same time choosing not to work on something else. By hiring a business plan writer, you can spend the extra time focusing on getting the rest of your business started. A good business plan writer will dedicate time to creating a high-quality business plan. This saves you time to do other things that your business start-up needs.

2. Market Research Skills

A critical component of any business plan is understanding the market the business is entering. Market research describes the big picture of the market, local conditions and competitors. These parts are critical in driving business strategy, building confidence in your lenders/investors and helping you get the required funding or support to launch your business successfully.

Conducting good market research requires specialized research skills. The researcher has to have the ability to find relevant information, digest the information and produce an analysis that is useful for the business. This is not an easy task, but a business plan expert has the skills required to do that well.

3. Real Feedback

Let’s face it. Family and friends will not always be truthful with you about your business ideas. An external objective voice can be instrumental as you plan the details of your new start-up. An experienced business planner would be able to provide an expert opinion on various parts of your business plan, which is very useful for a new business launch. They can point out issues with the strategy/plan that you may not have thought of previously and help you to refine your business strategy.

4.  Provide Education

A business planner understands essential business concepts such as reading financial projections, marketing, and strategy. As you work through the business plan together, they can provide valuable information and education on some of these essential concepts. This information will serve you well as you launch and grow your business.

One of our previous clients came to us about their business plan, and they were apprehensive about understanding the financial projections part of their plan. Looking at the financial projections, they looked at our planner and said discouragingly, “I wish this didn’t feel like gibberish to me.”  

No worries was our reply. Let’s walk you through it all one line item at a time.

After about a half-hour, this same client was more than fluent in understanding her business plan financials. We even quizzed them afterwards, and they didn’t skip a beat.

5.  Experience Writing Business Plans


A business plan is a unique document, and every plan is different. Yes, there are standard sections that you need to cover, but every plan needs to be customized. An experienced business planner knows which sections to emphasize, depending on the nature of your business. They should also be familiar with the funding process and guide you on what areas funders/investors need to see in your plan.

6. Excellent Writing Skills

Along with detailed financial projections, a business plan must be clear, concise, and sell the business concept to the reader.

This is not an easy feat.

It’s a delicate balance between having the right amount of information but not having too much where the reader starts skipping around and, worse yet, giving up on reading the whole plan.

At Business Plans Canada, we’ve done several re-writes of business plans where our customers had someone else help them with the business plan initially. They asked us to re-do their plan because it did not flow well, did not read well, and overall atrocious. We fixed it and helped them feel confident in taking their plan to investors and lenders.

Writing a business plan is both an art and a science. This delicate balance is critical for a business plan to be effective. Hiring a business plan writer can help you achieve that balance and create a stunning business plan that will have investors clamouring to fund your start-up.

Happy planning 😊