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Business Plans Canada provided my business with a thorough road map for ensuring the continued success of my business. Their organizational structure, expert advice and ability to recognize my vision and translate it into my business plan made working with each team member a great pleasure. 
Heidi Sherwood, BC

Your product is very good and it really helped me to focus on the details of my business. I feel much more confident in approaching new customers. You responded to all my requests in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Business Plans Canada to other people. 
Wendy Petryk, AB

The business plan met and exceeded my expectations. Here are the aspects I appreciated the most: a) The writer captured the essence of my business idea perfectly, b) the project manager was always on top of things, and c) the financial advisor was very knowledgeable and offered solutions whenever we faced an obstacle. 
Raul Barreto, ON

Business Plans Canada worked closely with us and provided a very professional business plan which we are quite proud of. Response time has been great. Whenever we were informed that Business Plans Canada would get in touch, they did. They stuck to their word and did not lack the communication skills which most companies on any given level can often fail. We would recommend this type of service to anyone because it is hard to come by in the first place. I don’t think there is any great room for improvement at this point. We were quite happy with everything. 
Angela Mistry, ON

The plan reflected the business in a very clear way, despite the complexity of it. The work is beyond expectations. The team is highly professional, both project manager and finacials, and writer, along team, explained the project and my ideas extremely well. 
Kassem Khachab, ON

The Kwong Fung Foods business plan is one of my favorite books I have read. Business Plan Canada has done a very great job for me. I have to take the chance to praise for the patience of your team to make this project completed successfully. 
Simon Wong, BC

Dear Team at Business Plans Canada: I want to let you know my thoughts regarding the business plan you drafted for my upcoming leadership business. The methodology was excellent and the writing exemplary. The time taken with my on personal 1-1’s was also much needed and appreciated. I have left your team at Business Plans Canada with a very impressive document. A business plan I feel will be enticing to potential funders and other social justice leaders who are looking to elevate humanity via their hearts, minds, and pocketbooks. Thank you so much to everyone at Business Plans Canada! 
Lena Walker, BC

Over the years I have been involved in many start-ups, but none to the level of Go Tire. The business plan prepared by Business Plans Canada is, without doubt, the most powerful tool I have ever used to launch a company. They have executed our business plan with precision, and excellence! 
Craig Howes, AB

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Business Plans Canada for writing any kind of business plan. I was very impressed with the company’s professionalism. You exhibited the same enthusiasm from the very start to the end of our business together. You are very detailed, and while working on my business plan, your leading questions made me have a deeper insight on the important aspects of a successful business. I enthusiastically recommend BPC and fully believe that this company is capable of handling any kind of business planning with thoughtfulness, maturity and real desire to help. 
Dawn Jervis, BC

I would like to thank Business Plans Canada for the time and effort you put into creating a solid business plan for me. I could not have done this without your help. Your communication during the process was most welcomed. I am confident that as I move forward to submit my business plan to potential investors, I will get what I need. 
Wendy Hatfields, ON

I thought about preparing my own business plan from a , I am so glad that I decided to let a professional company like yours do the writing. It is clear now that I would have never been able to produce a document of this quality, even if I had followed the best and put a few hundred hours into it.And as far as meeting my expectations the answer is definitely and then some. The whole process that you used was simple and straight forward and it gave me the time to prepare for what would be required of me in the future. It really gave me time to see my business even more clearly than I thought possible, and I was able to relax and enjoy it. The response time and deadlines were exact, and that made the whole process even more enjoyable. 
Robert Radey, ON

I would say that the work was very professional and well thought out because it really made me define who we are and what we do and put numbers to that! My experience with Business Plans Canada has been nothing but positive! I would recommend all small businesses that are serious about growing their business to go through the process of working with professionals like these guys. Not only did I receive a document that allowed me to relate my business information to the financial community but it also helped me to develop a strategic plan to go forward with. 
Don Bildfell, BC

Business Plans Canada has delivered a plan of exceptionally high quality. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Not only have I received supremely professional business plan, but I have used this process as one in which I have learned more about myself and my business visions. The plan and the process has instilled great confidence in myself and my business goals, and has allowed me to visualize my path to success. Methodology and response time was impressive. I never had to wait for answers and felt overall that I was taken seriously throughout the process. I was treated with a great deal of professionalism and respect. Every question I may have posed throughout the process was addressed promptly and effectively. 
Paul Ritcher, ON

We were pleased with your professional team. Prompt response, able to accommodate aggressive time lines and multiple change requests. 
Ana Maria Nica, ON

Great work overall, I think you have an amazingly good ear for hearing what the client wants, so you did a great job. Looks great. I am very impressed with what you have done here and I feel very happy that I chose to hire Business Plans Canada so far. 
Milo Anderson, AB

Business Plans Canada went above and beyond the expectations we had for our business plan. You did a fabulous job of this plan. You were extremely professional and accommodating. We had exceptional customer service and guidance in this process. And, we could not be happier with the outcome. 
Jon Wiebe, AB

Everyone who has read it has said ‘it’s the best plan they have seen’. 
Mary Martin, BC

We had very positive and great experience working with Business plans Canada team. They understand the market trends and did extensive research on our industry. Their Professional team helped us a great deal in planning the financial statements which is an essential and core part of our business plan. 
Salma Majid, BC

I knew that my business plan would be the most important document in my immigration application through the BC PNP Program (in Regional Business Category) and that it must be realistic. Fortunately, I choose the best company to do this which was Business Plans Canada. Although I was in Iran, I just called them then they arranged everything. Now I’m in Canada and have my business running. 
Hossein Shokouhi, BC

Our association with Business Plans Canada provided the focus we required to verbalize and put into context several loosely defined concepts into a format acceptable and preferred by the Investment Community. We were very impressed how over the span of a few hours of “interrogation” via conference calls, our ideas were picked up, written up and most importantly a realistic financial plan put into place. This was achieved by using proprietary software and the creative writing skills provided by Adrian, Sapphire and their team of experts. Our heartfelt thanks for a job well done in a very short time frame. 
Chris Willmann, AB

Business Plans Canada was very good to interact with and I very much appreciate the support and direction provided by my Financial Modeller. I think my business plan looks like a professional document that has researched the business and industry it involves. Thanks for the quick turnaround time building my business plan. I will whole heartedly recommend Business Plans Canada. 
Lea Sirr, BC

Not only did Business Plans Canada deliver my business plans well in advance of the time line but you far exceeded all of my expectations. I am incredibly proud to show the plan to anyone wishing to look at it!!!! I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. From the first time I spoke with you on the phone I felt at ease and to be perfectly honest as far as I’m concerned I can’t recommend any improvements. I would be honored to have my testimonial on your website and the link would be fantastic. I feel very fortunate that your company was my first call and I genuinely feel any of my company’s success originated from the remarkable job done on the business plan. I wish to thank everyone involved for making this as painless as possible. 
Anne Jennings, ON

With the thousands of to-do lists when starting our Go Tire business, we knew the importance of a business plan but we did not have the expertise to craft it to the level of professionalism that our new brand deserved, nor did we have the time. We looked into other providers but decided on Business Plans Canada and we could not be happier. Their research was thorough, and they spent time to really understand the details of the business and our goals. They were excellent at ensuring we met our guidelines and the process was simple but engaging. I would recommend Business Plans Canada to other companies, and we do recommend them to our franchisees. 
Heather Murphy, AB

Jill McRae, ON

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